The CZ tensor–VERY BRIGHT 48×24 RGB LED display

All code related to this project is viewable here.

There were pictures here at one point but the webspace I was storing them on went poof and I haven’t had the time to dig them up if they’re still around.

This rather extensive project was started by fellow¬†Casa Zimbabwe¬†residents Karandeep Nagra and David Murphy in April-ish of 2012, I hopped on near the end of that year and we finally “finished” it um… real soon now. The process of just getting this damn thing to work has been one of the biggest learning experiences of my career thus far. I have trouble counting the number of things this project taught me that you just don’t learn in school. So I guess this will be a guide on how not to build something like this, with the hope that anyone reading will learn from our mistakes! Continue reading